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Aotearoa Kendo Club (Christchurch)
  Christchurch Aotearoa Kendo Club was formed by an instructor Dong-Ho Choo (4th dan) in October 2000. In the following year, a chief instructor Jong-Jae Park (6th dan) and an assistant instructor Hyun-Jin Park (4th dan) have joined.

In August 2002, the club was affiliated to the Korean Kumdo Association as an overseas branch. After that the club was named as 白雲館 (はくうんかん) which can translate as Aotearoa (white cloud). The first kyu grading was held in August 2002, and five members had gained shodan in September 2003.

In April 2004, we had a memorable event that we invited three 8th dan sensei from Korea who supported and instructed dan-grading and shiai competition. Since then the club has grown in membership and currently more than 40 members are training kendo in our club.
Dojo Address:
  Ilam School Hall
  66 Ilam Rd
  (about 200m from Canterbury University)
Training Times:
  See Aotearoa Kendo Club website for details
    Phone Email
  Dong Ho Choo (03) 980 1916
027 475 6629
kum-choo ( at ) hanmail ( dot ) net
  George McNeur   george ( dot ) mcneur ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com
  Brian Park   brianpark518 ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com
  Web site http://aotearoakendo.150m.com



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