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Yoshinkan is starting a new Wednesday class at Thistle Hall in upper Cuba St, Wellington from January 25th from 7 - 8.30 pm

Take the side entrance opposite the Tuatara Brewery Third Eye Pub at 30 Arthur St (yes, we are that close to a pub....) and come along for a bash up to celebrate this new venture.

A beginners class starts the following week but experienced Kenshi will be catered for, just a small koha for visitors will be asked from February.

Yoshinkan Hutt still operates from Naenae College, Walters St each Monday 7 - 9 pm.

> Do you need a custom trophy or plaque? Check out Xpress Awards. They have been used a lot by NZKF & AKC.

The Auckland Kendo Club invitational seminar on 20-21 February 2016 has now been upgraded to a three day (19-21 February) international event.

Please see the attached posters for details. The team shiai will be an international event open to all comers. Grading is to 5th Dan.


Mochizuki sensei passed away from stomach cancer on 29 June.

Mochizuki sensei was unusual among high ranking sensei in that he was not a policeman or a professional Kendo teacher. Many of you will have known the sensei through his attendance and teaching at the Auckland Summer Seminar. As I understand it, the sensei had been personally requested by Inoue sensei to carry on the close relationship forged with New Zealand, a duty which he performed admirably while his health permitted. We will miss him greatly. 

The NZKF will be represented at his funeral by Graham Sayer, his wife Chikae and Alex Bennett.


A proud day for NZ Kendo!!

 I am absolutely stoked to announce that NZ Kendo now has another 7th dan, and another 2 x 6th dans following the grading this week at the World Kendo Champs in Tokyo. Graham Sayer sensei is now 7th dan, and Sue Lytollis and Blake Bennett are both 6th dan.

 This is a wonderful achievement for these guys personally,  and a huge boon for NZ Kendo. Most NZ kendoka will have some appreciation of just how difficult it is to gain these top level grades and the amount of dedicated training, time and personal sacrifice that goes into preparing for such difficult challenges. The pass rates for both 6th and 7th dan are very low internationally, and most people will fail at least once, often many times in their attempts to successfully grade to 6th or 7th dan. It requires an enormous commitment to pick yourself up and keep training until your next opportunity, also knowing  that the odds are stacked against you, in terms of the usual pass rate. 

I am sure all NZ kendoka will join me in congratulating Graham, Sue and Blake on this wonderful achievement!


Ken Wells

Vice President
NZ Kendo Federation

> Forms for 2015 Winter Camp are available

Inoue Sensei Memorial Keiko

To commemorate the recent passing of Inoue Yoshihiko Sensei (Auckland Kendo Club Patron and dear friend of NZ Kendo) we are hosting a Memorial Keiko to which any and all NZ kendoka past and present are invited.

Date:                           Wednesday 29 April 2015
Time:                           7.00 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.             
Venue:                        Auckland Kendo Club, 165 Pilkington Road, Panmure

- Welcome
Memorial speech
One minute’s silence
Memorial keiko
Closing remarks and kampai
- Photograph
- Adjourn to Flying Moa for friendship drinks and remembrance

We warmly invite (indeed encourage) you to attend this memorial event to honour the Sensei who has contributed so much to NZ kendo over several decades.  A memorial photo book will be compiled and sent to his widow and members of his Dojo. Hopefully, members of all Auckland dojos and the Waikato dojo will be able to attend and of course we would be delighted to welcome members from dojos further South if it is at all possible for you to attend (we do realise that it is a long way to travel for one night however, so if you would prefer to send a message from your members, we would be very pleased to read it out at the ceremony)


To assist with planning by AKC could you please indicate your intention to attend by emailing me at ken (at) kendoka (dot) nz

Obituary (Word DOCX, 281Kb)
Inoue Hanshi dojo departure (m4v, 13MB)


NZ Kendo Team fundraiser - $5 badges - only 300 available! They will be available at the Auckland Seminar in February or can be ordered in lots of 10 (10, 20, 30 etc) via huttkendo (at) hotmail (dot) com, which will get priority. You can prepay to Hutt Kendo Club, 060574014876800; clearly state "KK(club name)" as reference. These will be brought to the Auckland seminar or posted out if you provide an address.


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A delegation of sensei from Japan will be in New Zealand from the end of January to the beginning of February. See the Events section for training sessions & seminar. The delegation are:

Umetsu Sensei (8th Dan)
Higashiyama Sensei (7th Dan)
Hayashi Sensei (6th Dan)
Sato Sensei (6th Dan)
Mrs Tahara (5th Dan)

(posted 2007-12-05)

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> Congratulations to Alan Stephenson sensei (Auckland) for his success in the 6th dan grading! (April 2006)
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> A travelogue about NZ Kendo Clubs by Mr Hirohiko Yoshida. The revised version was also published in Kendo Nippon, November 2003. Note - this article is in Japanese.
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