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This area of the NZKF website is a repository of information relating to refereeing in Kendo. It is hoped that those who act as Shimpan take the time to review these resources with a view to improving their own ability as referees and in turn improve the Kendo of those whom they are refereeing.

If there are other Shimpan related resources you would like to see here, please contact the NZKF webmaster.

An excellent place to start is with "The First Steps To becoming A Referee" by Terry Holt Sensei (PDF 4.38MB). Holt Sensei is 7th dan Renshi and chief instructor to the Mumeishi Kendo Club, a member of the British Kendo Association.

In addition there is the Referee Guide Book (PDF 131KB) , a guide to refereeing in Kendo compiled by the AJKF Committee on Tournaments and Refereeing 2002 - 2003.

There is also the Shinpan Tebiki administration guide (in Japanese and English, PDF ~1MB).

Stephenson Sensei ran a seminar in 2009 at the Waikato Kendo Club. The notes for the seminar are here (Word 53KB). If you wish to obtain a DVD of this seminar (cost $10 NZD), please email the Waikato Kendo Club.

To compare your ability to correctly call yuko-datotsu (valid point) with that of some of the world's best Shimpan, check out the videos at the following sites:


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