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NZKF News November 2003

This is a quarterly update on happenings in NZ Kendo. In future club secretaries will be chased up for any local news.


The 3rd NZ National Champs will be contested in Auckland and will coincide with the 10th anniversary of the opening of a permanent Dojo for Auckland Kendo Club. Watch out in the new year for confirmed dates and details. As a reminder to dojo leaders, we want 5 member male and female teams. There will also be an individual section and possibly a 'Master' event for those old croaks 40 years and 3rd dan and above, mixed gender open. Not sure if there will be a children's section at this champs so more details in 2004!

Winter Camp in Hutt for 2004

Hutt is the lucky club to host our Winter camp in August next year. Again more details will be forthcoming from this club, so watch out.

National Gradings Ruling

We are getting too popular. Because there were so many people grading in Waikato this year, the NZKF has made a ruling to grade from sankyu upwards only at National Camps. This will mean clubs will have to manage their grades from 7th - 4th kyu at the least. Club leaders, please bear this in mind and make it clear to any members who attend. If you don't have NZKF grading guidelines contact Graham Sayer on gandc@xtra.co.nz.

NZKF fees expect to be prompt next year

Warning for club leaders, make sure your team for the National Champs next year are paid up before the Champs. The Federation is getting tough on membership. Anyone who competes at our regular shiai, or wants to attend the winter camp, will be expected to be a current member of the Federation before the event. It will be enforced, do not be embarrassed by failing to pay your fees in time. Fees are paid for the Jan - December period.

More Kendo Events

If you happen to be in Auckland on Wednesday December 17th you are welcome to attend an afternoon-evening seminar/grading held at the Auckland Kendo Club. It begins at 4 pm and from 8.40 - 10 pm the grading is held up to and including sandan. This seminar is being taken by a guest 7th dan Sensei. Email Brent Hanson at brenth@frucorbev.co.nz if you want to attend.

The Nelson Kendo Seminar is being held on the long weekend of Waitangi, Feb 6 - 8 next year. Go early and make a holiday of it. This is a fabulous camp with a great social feel and lots of good Kendo, contact Sam Hopkinsonon 03 541 9613 for details or email reesbs@clear.net.nz for details or check the NZKF website www.kendo.org.nz

The 'Lard' Shiai, Aucklands' small version of the Rembuden Taikai, will take place in the middle of 2004. The trophy for this event is shaped in lard (thrilling) and the current champion happens to be Emiko Kaneko (nidan). Email Kirk Doran for details of this prestigious event - Kirk.Doran@otis.com

If you have any news for a new year edition of the NZKF News please email to Sue Lytollis on huttkendo@hotmail.com or the email address attached to this email.

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