Kia ora, Konnichiwa, Hello!

Welcome to the New Zealand Kendo Federation.

Greetings from the Chairperson

New Zealand Kendo/Naginata/Iaido/Jodo  is spread across our two main islands into nearly 15 dojo and around 300 members of all ages, male and female.

Many dojo offer an umbrella to two or even three of the budo mentioned.  We welcome new shinsa (beginners) and also visitors but look closely at our map of dojo to see what is offered in each centre.

Feel free to also look at the explanation of the various budo we support and contact a dojo in your town, even if you are visiting from overseas.  We are a friendly bunch of people.

Kendo, in particular is nearing 50 years history in New Zealand, and we have competed in World Kendo Championships since the 1970s. This year (2024) we have a men’s team and two women competing at the 19th WKC in Milano, Italy in July. We are developing our senior members and in April and May, have a large group trying for 6 – 8th dan in kendo in Kyoto Japan.

Kendo is more than a way.  It is a family, a conviction, a life long of learning. May your journey be a special one that enriches your life.

Sue Lytollis (QSM) Renshi Roku dan


Board of Directors of the New Zealand Kendo Federation

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